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November 15, 2018
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Training Information


Bermuda Open Water Swimmers (BOWS) Schedule:

Monday to Friday: Sunrise (therefore start time seasonal)
Location: Varies according to the weather, but typically starts are at the Aquarium dock, Gibbet's Island, Harrington Sound School Dock and Shelly Bay
Distance: Varies 2 – 4km

Sunday: 7:30am (Seasonal)
Location: Varies weekly according to the weather
Distance: Varies 4km – 10km

Contact David Thompson E-mail to be included on the daily email list to be notified of location and start times

Off Canal Road (Saltus School field), Pembroke

Lane swimming and set workouts:

Monday: 6-7am, 7-8am, 8-9am, 11am-12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm
Tuesday: 11am-12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm
Wednesday: 6-7am, 7-8am, 8-9am, 11am-12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm
Thursday: 11am-12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm
Friday: 6-7am, 7-8am, 8-9am, 11am-12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm

All you need to do in order to swim is show up at the Saltus pool, go to the BASA office, pay the appropriate fee and get in the water.
You just need to have decided how many times a week you are intending to swim before you pay.

Contact Ben Smith, Aquatics Manager at BASA E-mail or tel. 292-1713

BASA Prices:

Annual rate (unlimited swims): $1100

Monthly rate:
20 sessions: $150
12 sessions: $120
8 sessions: $80

Biweekly rate:
6 sessions: $75
4 sessions: $50

Per Session rate: $25

Coaching (introductory rate): $10/month

Seniors (>55 years old): 15% off all but annual rate
Students (<20 years old): 20% off all but annual rate

Directions to BASA pool:

The BASA pool is located off Canal Road, which runs behind the Bull's Head car park from Butterfield & Vallis to the bridge under the traffic lights by the National Tennis Stadium. At the bridge the road becomes one-way. Just before the bridge there is a parking area on the left with a sign for the BASA pool. Walk along the canal, cross over the footbridge and follow the path to the pool.

21 Broome Street, Somerset

Contact Victor Ruberry E-mail or call 799-0002

Monthly pool membership:
$60/month. Virtually unlimited pool access. Train as you please! Normally there are numerous lanes available at any time. The only exceptions are during pool party rentals, swim meets, very large classes etc. These happen infrequently. Times are posted daily for use or you can check our web site or call the front desk: 234-6195.

Training Programs
Masters & Triathlon Training Sessions:
Tuesday & Thursday 7-8pm Coached training sessions.
The 1st part of the session 15” or so will be dedicated to stroke work with drills and stroke analysis etc then serious aerobic/anaerobic work. All coached by 2 time Olympic swimmer, Victor Ruberry. All sessions are cross trained with other strokes. There will be 6 lanes with all levels welcome. Monday & Wednesday evening sessions will be added if there is enough interest/participation.

Stroke Improvement Session:
Saturday Morning 9-10am.
The entire session is dedicated to stroke work with drills and stroke analyses etc… don’t be fooled… if you are doing it right it will leave you feeling like you swam 4K in an hour!

Endurance Session:
Saturday Morning 10-11am (Really part of the T&TH programme!)
A hardcore session dedicated to distance.

Summer sessions to be announced with coached open water swimming being offered this year!
Private Swim Coaching and Adult Learn to Swim: Enquire with either Selena or Victor.

Price structures:
By the class:
$15/class except “Stroke Improvement”$18/class

Monthly Memberships:
$80/month for Tuesday & Thursday classes
$108/month for Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday classes.
$128/month for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Saturday Stroke Improvement class.
$60/month Saturday morning “Stroke Improvement” only.
**Special offer for any monthly membership - add $30 and receive full gym and pool membership.

Class Punch Card:
$144 Class Card x 12 sessions. Can be used for any swim class or Aqua Size class except “Stroke Improvement”
**If a class is full with monthly members at any given class then you might be refused entry. Use it as you go. Does not carry over after 6 months from purchase date.

Annual Membership:
$1428/All inclusive: Pool, Gym, Locker & Any Classes offered at 360.